Validation Studies

The Validation Studies collection comprises research papers on the development and validation of the AUDIT, guidelines for its use, its validation in different populations, AUDIT derivatives and comparisons with other screening instruments. 

These papers have been organised into the following categories on this website: Primary Publications, Systematic and Other Reviews, AUDIT Derivatives, Validation in Different Populations and Comparison with Other Instruments.

The papers in each category may be sorted alphabetically by the name of the first author or language, or by date, with the exception of the Primary Publications category. The papers in Primary Publications are displayed in a fixed ranking as key references on the origin and development of the AUDIT.  Open access papers in each category are available as full-text, PDF files. 

Importantly, this collection of publications does not contain papers where the AUDIT is used as a tool to assess prevalence or to examine the association of alcohol use with mental or physical disorders or overall morbidity or mortality. It also does not include studies which primarily assess the effectiveness of brief alcohol interventions. More than a thousand papers in these categories exist but are outside the scope of this bibliographic collection.